Today, we work out and shape the solutions we need tomorrow, for a better »ever after«.

As a women-owned business, we are committed to sustainable design practice that is different and inspires positive change.

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Our values

At work, in our lives and in our deliberations, the values of courage, love and future-shaping serve as a compass.

Courage in tackling projects and tasks means challenging the status quo and offering food for thought so that we can create something new together. Courage also means getting people excited about change. We see both that process of change, and our work process, as a living organism that is constantly evolving.

Love is a central element of our thinking, our actions and thus our work. In our view, it is essential to treat people, the natural world and materials with respect. The basis for that is a healthy level of trust, enabling even complex tasks to be tackled as a whole and taken forward in a sustainable manner.

As future-shapers, while we work in the present, we act as outriders clearing a communicative and visual path to the future, motivating people with inspiring ideas.

Services of morgen.

We welcome enquiries from educational and cultural institutions, people seeking to change the world, sustainable family businesses, municipalities, innovative funding providers and those working on the ground in urban environments.

Communication and design are the tools of our trade, which we put to meaningful use connecting people to their community and their environment on different levels.


We believe in co-creation and co-production. What drives us is finding the best-possible local solution – and to achieve that, all our projects are interdisciplinary, involving suitable experts. We are pleased to have developed a strong local network, and are grateful and proud to be part of the Zinnwerke on the »Culture Canal«.

We are involved in urban mining; salvaging materials destined for demolition in one project after the other. These are valuable stores of grey energy, and using them is not just forward-looking but a valuable source of inspiration: these materials help us challenge standard design processes.
Our work starts when we select a site to be mined, after which we check whether we have hit the mother lode. We class materials from different parts of buildings based on their properties and structural capacities. The technical aspects are then translated into an aesthetic dimension. The materials are taken apart, processed and brought back to life in a new place, where they tell their story in new surroundings.


Since 2016, the wonderful buildings and outdoor spaces of the old Wilhelmsburger Zinnwerke tinworks on the Veringkanal have given us the room we need to think, work and make a difference.

morgen. was founded in 2014 as a Hamburg collective by Beate Kapfenberger, Martha Starke and Stephan Kurz.

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morgen. GbR
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21107 Hamburg

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Your tracks

Throughout our lives we leave an imprint, both on- and offline. One moment, we may do things without thinking; the next we act in full awareness of the consequences. Sometimes it’s simply good fun! Usually, it is not that simple to put things right or wipe away all traces of the past. But you can on our website: to get a clear view and ensure that the imprint you leave is carefully considered in future, click here.


2022 1. Platz Kommunikationspreis
2021 2. Platz »Artist/Designer in Lab« Fraunhofer-Netzwerk »Wissenschaft, Kunst und Design«
2020 Nominiert für den German Design Newcomer Award
2019 Hamburger Bürgerpreis für das Projekt »DIE GLÄSEREI«
2015 Art Directors Club Auszeichnung für »position«
2015 LIONEL Designpreis: 1. Platz Award-Night, 2. Platz Student und 2. Platz Innovation für »position«


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