Green Gloria


Temporary vertical green spaces


How can grey be made green? How can we get involved? When will spaces exist for everyone to use? Where can people take time out? How does a city communicate?

As of the end of 2018, the city council arranged for the area in and around the Gloria Tunnel pedestrian underpass in the Hamburg district of Harburg to be redeveloped, improving the quality of a public space that many people found intimidating. The planned remodelling did not include any greenery.

The »Green Gloria« intervention created a highly eye-catching space directly behind the underpass using vertical and horizontal green spaces, upgrading it by creating spots that encouraged people to stop, learn and communicate with one another. This slowed down the pace of life in the passageway. The greenery acted as an extension of the landscape along the Göhlbach valley, reaching as far as the transit area.

The project dispelled the authorities’ doubts by winning over its wide-ranging audience. Over the summer, this testing ground made up of various vertical garden elements, green areas and open spaces became a popular meeting-place. Its temporary use breathed new life into the transitional space before construction began and was a comment on the neglected urban landscape.



  • Project management
  • Planning the creative concept
  • Fundraising
  • Detailed design
  • Production supervision
  • Participatory implementation

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